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**UDPATE on 06/01/17: The podcast is back! You can listen to the first episode back here. **

For over a year, I had an amazing time discussing hidden gems, cult films and guest favorites as co-host of a movie podcast called THE MILKSHAKE BOOM. If you love under appreciated movies, you should absolutely give it a listen. The podcast is currently on hiatus, but you can listen to all of our back episodes on iTunes here:

Some of my personal favorite episodes:

The Thing

Maximum Overdrive

Disaster Movies


You can find more information about the movies, the hosts, and other ways to listen on The Milkshake Boom website here

Bonus! Here are some video promos I filmed for the podcast:


This behind the scenes video was shot just before recording ‘Series 7: The Contenders’ episode of the podcast. It provides a hilarious insight in just how akward everyone is when a camera shows up to a podcast.

I had a great time creating this spoof art-house promo video for the podcast. Primarily made of footage I shot around Austin during a foggy night, the video also features some ridiculous lighting tests with Robert James Haynes.