‘Drastic Measures’ is a sci-fi/ horror short film written and directed by Christine Carstairs.


Found near death and alone, a hiker is rushed to a remote Texas ranch house for aid. A medical chopper is on it’s way, but as her rescuers will soon find out, some things are just better left lost.

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Genre: Sci-fi, Horror
Run Time: 7 min 37 sec
Completed: November 2013

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Facts about the production:

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    • Drastic Measures was shot over two days in Austin, Texas.
    • The short was a one camera shoot, shot on a Canon 5D Mark III.
    • It was filmed over an incredibly hot weekend, even for Texas. Temperatures outside reached 106°F on the first day of filming. With the air conditioning turned off during takes to capture clear sound, combined with the heat from the studio lights, it was a brutally hot set. The cast and crew were remarkably game through both days, despite the heat.
    • The lesion effects were created and applied by the director using a combination of red lipstick, fake blood and clear gelatin. Later in After Effects, she added the parasitic skin distortions and eye changes.


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Drastic Measures – Press Kit

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